Trigger for Hip-Hop
with GRAMMY-winning producer
Greazy Wil

The producer behind Killer Mike's award-winning album, "MICHAEL", shows how he uses Trigger to build unique, one-of-a-kind beats during this exclusive masterclass.

Greazy Wil using Trigger
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Mar 27 @ 7 PM PDT (-7.0 GMT)

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TRIGGER is the audio industry's go-to weapon for getting big, professional drums sounds in mixes. With an easy-to-use interface, you can quickly relace or augment kicks, snares, and tom in your recordings with a massive library of professional drum samples.

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Do I need to own Trigger to attend the event?

Nope! Wil’s going to show you his secrets in producing Killer Mike’s music, and the principles he’ll demonstrate can be applied to many areas of music production. Of course, if you own Trigger, you can follow along and learn a ton of great new techniques.

Will the event be recorded so I can watch it later?

Absolutely. We will record the livestream and share it a couple days after the event ends. But make sure to still sign up, because that’s how we’ll send you a link to watch the video!

Can I try Trigger before buying?

Yes! Just hit this link and download our our free version of Trigger. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it’s still an amazing drum replacer that you can start using in your productions today.

Is Trigger going on sale anytime soon?

Normally we launch a sale on Trigger in July. But if you join our livestream with Greazy, you might just find a way to get Trigger on sale…